Combining Smart Media Relations and Tracking to Deliver Quantifiable Sales Leads

Global Imagination's Magic Planet digital globe at the SmithsonianGlobal Imagination makes the Magic Planet, a digital video display with a sphere-shaped screen. The company also supplies software, content and services that enable public, private and government organizations to present global information and global context in the most compelling way possible. The company partners with other world class organization to provide customers with complete solutions that deliver a rapid and intuitive understanding of dynamic global systems and situations, whatever the application.

The Challenge

Global Imagination had a unique and fascinating product in the Magic Planet. While not the only company delivering this type of technology, it had several distinct advantages: the market leadership, a number of customers willing to speak on its behalf, the best price and terrific spokesperson. As the market for this product grew, it was critical for the company to increase exposure to itself as the face of the technology and continue to grow and own the larger portions of the market.

The Strategy

With no “moment in time” to tie the product story to and a lack of mechanisms to track any results, Sterling Communications recommended developing a cohesive story that an increasing trend in interest for this fascinating and forward-thinking technology. This included a round-up of media-ready customers, a line-up of competitors in the space and a strong story. Sterling then engaged in targeted outreach, primarily to science-focused media in Tier-1 business and technology media.

Prior to the launch, Sterling crafted and initiated a highly-focused tracking plan to determine results that included:

  • Email marketing
  • Site Visitor Tracking
  • Link Tracking across social channels
  • Social outreach
  • Paid social engagement

The Results

Logo for The New York Times in square formatSterling Communications secured a front page article in the New York Times on digital globes that heavily featured Global Imagination — including key quotes from the CEO, its customers and a video presentation of the technology. This coverage led directly to a sharp uptick in visibility and business results, including:

  • 7 new sales leads (in the first week)
  • 180 unique visitors (in the first week)
  • 380 total page views (in the first week)
  • 71 Facebook actions, 32 new followers, 2,383 views of the Times’ article
  • 1,357 email opens, 32 replies and 14 podcast downloads