Bingo Night at Laguna Honda Hospital


Last Thursday, some of my fellow Sterling co-workers and I helped out at Laguna Honda Hospital with the monthly Bingo Night that’s organized by Hands on Bay Area. Let me tell you, what a fun and interesting evening we had! We arrived to the hospital, equipped with prizes and ready to play. After receiving a quick orientation from the Hands on Bay Area project leader, we each joined a table or picked a certain resident to sit with and keep company. Unfortunately, I didn’t  bring much luck to the people at my table since there wasn’t a single resident who was able to call out Bingo! Actually, one woman did, but it was a false alarm. In any case, I still like to think I brought them great company.

The hospital had a pretty cool Bingo room with their giant Bingo "score board" lit up on the wall. They also had a big box that held and spun all the numbered Bingo balls, which I have to say, made me feel like I was on TV watching the drawing of the California Super Lotto.  Fun times indeed. 

Overall, the night was a wonderful opportunity to visit the residents, keep them company and cheer them on. It turned out to be a much more fulfilling and enjoyable experience than I think any of us anticipated. It was great getting to interact with the residents, see their smiles when they won and especially how much joy the "simple things" brought them. We all agreed that this was something we’d definitely do again!