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Open the Door

We’re an all-Mac shop at Sterling Communications. We’re big fans of Apple even when one of their computers isn’t a fan of us. So when Steve Jobs resigned as CEO from Apple, we (like most in the tech world) were caught up in the moment, wondering:

And so on.

But the stories that interest me the most have been the smaller but more personal ones. Here’s a short tale of mine when I worked at Apple:

One sunny autumn day, Steve (he’s always Steve) was walking across Apple’s campus with a reporter toward Caffe Macs. I was walking a few feet behind, enough to hear the reporter asking about Steve’s family. As we approached the entrance, Steve stopped and opened the door for an employee carrying trays of food outside. The employee never looked up but said “Thanks.” “Sure,” Steve replied. Just then, at least two dozen people followed the employee out. Because of where the reporter was standing, none of the employees (as far as I could tell) noticed who was holding the door for them. Steve continued holding that door, talking to the reporter, until I came up and offered to take his place as doorman. “Thanks,” he said. “Sure,” I replied. He smiled and invited the reporter inside.

That’s it.

Whatever else you may read about Steve, whatever else happens in his life or to Apple or to the world of computing, know that he opened doors for people.

Kawika Holbrook is creative director at Sterling Communications. Follow him on Twitter @kawika or email him at kholbrook@sterlingpr.com.