My Top 5 Kickstarter Videos of February 2013

Today, you can reach into your pocket with the sole intension of showing off a video on that new device of yours. It doesn’t take a professional to know a good video when they see one, but it only takes a split second for someone to realize that they are uninterested in what you are showing them. What if you are relying on that video to get you funding for that special thing that you love to do? If your video doesn’t get those people to stick around long enough to hear your cries for help, how do you expect to make your fundraising goal?

Kickstarter, the New York based crowd funding website, has given independent artists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. One of the most important tools that Kickstarters have to bring their projects to fruition is their video.

Here are my top five favorite Kickstarter videos I found in February 2013.

5. Luxi – Incident light meter adapter for iPhone

Maybe I love this video because it’s right up my alley, being about handy tools for creating great imagery. Or, maybe I’m in love because it answered all my pre-click questions in fewer than 20 seconds. The information was technical enough for me to be impressed, but also followed up with enough explanation that it didn’t make me feel like a lesser man. The video itself is simple, not technical in technique or lighting – but it doesn’t need to be – as that may quickly take away from the mechanical nature of the tool.

4. Lumio: A Modern Lamp With Infinite Possibilities

Lumio delivers exactly what it promises in it’s title, examples of how to use a lamp, but with a twist. Acting more like a light-essay, this video shows off the quality of light that falls on it’s subjects as they go through the many applications for such a lamp. The camera moves slowly and gracefully, adding to the beauty of the product. Setting the exposure for what light the Lumio gives off, we get to experience what it is like to use this product. The video is charming and pleasant, the perfect tone for a Kickstarter for a lamp.

3. Marny Lion Proudfit – Album Release by Marny Lion Proudfit

This video took a daring leap toward success. In order to fund an album, the campaign video was a simple, micro music video, explaining nothing about how the project will be created, and letting the music and visuals speak for themselves. The one-light video, a personal favorite shooting style, shows the playful and dream-like quality of the music with rhythmic editing and nostalgic film projections on a human subject, which displays what this project represents to it’s creator – a labor of love.

2. FORM 1: An affordable, professional 3D printer

Professional-grade videography. This video does not rely on visual effects or lavish sets to get the “wow” they were looking for. Rather, there is a constant use of movement, not only in the camera work, but also in the story. The audience is taken through the 5 W’s of this 3D printer as though on a magic carpet ride while being shown a whole new macro world of things their product has created as told through numerous credible ambassadors.

1. Manly Marks: A Letterpress Project by Brandon Griswold

Manly Marks is a sharp combination of production design, story, comedy, and a likable character that takes us through what it is to be a man. A classy tune paired with retro style of shooting (how many snap-zooms were used?) kept this video close to the project. All compositions are planned and executed for an intended effect that hits its manly mark. Brandon is absorbing, clever and confidant, the perfect salesman for a successful project.

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