Redesigning the SPG Solar Website


Since 2001, SPG Solar has been designing, engineering, building and maintaining high-quality solar power systems for large commercial, industrial, governmental and public energy users. In 2006, SPG Solar started manufacturing the SunSeeker single-axis tracker to generate up to 25% more solar power. In 2012, they began to sell the SunSeeker tracker and install services to commercial and utility customers. They’ve won plaudits from Inc. and Entrepreneur magazine, accumulated many firsts in the industry, and have completed installations generating more than 100 megawatts of clean energy.

However, a lot of that good work was going unnoticed by the larger solar community. So SPG Solar turned to Sterling Communications for help. Our services included public relations, social media outreach, branding and messaging, and for the website, information architecture, user interface and visual design, HTML and CSS, copywriting, and videography.

The goal of this new website was to make it easier for their customers to “go solar.” We started by working to understand the unique needs of clients who needed the Petaluma company’s turnkey solar services, commercial and utility customers eager to produce more solar energy with a single-access tracker (helping solar panels follow the sun), and financing tools to ensure local farmers and smaller businesses had the opportunity to see the upside of their investments immediately.

We designed the site to showcase installations with larger photos, clearer language and easy-to-contact buttons. We made sure the site was responsive on tablets and smartphones. We even produce some gorgeous videos of installations and testimonials from thrilled clients.

And we are proud to continue the work today as SPG Solar’s public relations agency of record. Expect more news, more videos, and more announcements in the weeks and months ahead.

Kawika Holbrook is Sterling Communications’ creative director. Follow him on Twitter at @kawika.