On LinkedIn’s 10th Birthday, Celebrate with 10 Ways to Optimize Your Company Page

At 10 years old, LinkedIn has definitely figured out what it wants to be when it grows up. With 225 million users, the professional network is firmly established in the  social media universe even as it looks change drastically from year to year. With the launch of channels, which brings together curated content from around the web on general topics like technology and healthcare, LinkedIn is positioning itself not only as a social network but also a resource for those looking to further their knowledge in a given field.

So, in honor of its birthday, here are 10 tips to optimize your company page for a business audience:

  • Optimize your profile for search. Use the keywords in your profile that you think your target customer is searching with.
  • Showcase your brand. Your banner image is the most prominent feature someone sees on your page. We live in a graphically driven age; make sure your photo communicates something about your brand or is engaging.
  • Humanize your company. Feature employees in some of your updates. The point is to be approachable so more people want to engage with your brand and your updates. Photos get up to 20 times more engagement than text-based updates.
  • Participate in groups. Having your executives participate in groups promotes thought leadership and keeps your name in relevant conversations. Eventually, you could even start your own group.
  • Advertise job openings on Careers. While this doesn’t directly promote your company, it exposes job seekers to your company’s name .
  • Share relevant content. We all know content is king, and the company with the best content wins the page views. Make your page the one people go to for information by having the most interesting and relevant content.
  • Share surveys and conduct polls. Surveys and polls are a great way to engage with your audience and learn a thing or two about them in the process. This tactic can also help you tailor the kind of content you share.
  • Tailor your about section. Don’t just copy and paste your boilerplate; take time to customize it for a B2B audience. What do you want potential customers to know about you?
  • Don’t ignore the products section. Take time to add in some of your products or service menu. Heck, while you’re being visual, add a video that talks about a product or service offering.
  • Link to a landing page. Most companies link to the homepage, but this is a missed opportunity to redirect potential customers to a more meaningful page like your services/products page or “why us.”

Kawika Holbrook can be reached at kholbrook@sterlingpr.com. Follow him on Twitter at @kawika.