Out With the Old, in With the New

Sterling Offices

The Sterling team has worked tirelessly the last 30 days to transform our Silicon Valley headquarters from a dated and dark cube farm to a modern dog friendly workplace. The fast-moving makeover was initiated with a simple question. How can we create a workspace that is both functional and collaborative without moving?

The answer: Start over. Completely.

So with an empty floor plan, I began sketching out ideas. The old office, which once accommodated eight people in the open area, needed to fit at least 12 workstations and include space for reviewing design work, hosting brainstorming sessions and watching videos. With the help of fellow Sterlingers, we were able to transform our existing 3,500 square foot office into a modern creative studio with double the capacity.

The new layout came together well because we focused on three core objectives:

  1. Create more collaborate workspace
  2. Streamline line workstations
  3. Bring everyone together

By moving individuals out of offices and into the open area, we freed up space for teams. Workstations got smaller and smarter because did away with huge L-shape desks and opted for taller workstations that give Sterlingers the option to work standing up. And instead of looking at the backs of our colleagues we now face each other, and the new Apple-powered work theater.

Painting Sterling Office

We did more than just swap out the furniture though. We painted huge dry-erase and magnetic work walls and updated our lobby with a color appropriately named Swagger. There is a new center lounge area, with one more lounge to come later this month. And we had to add a few fun elements, like a mini-basketball hoop and portable Ping-Pong for the new conference tables strategically placed throughout the office.

Needless to say the response to the new digs has been overwhelmingly positive. There is a new energy and sense of pride coming from even the newest Sterlingers. And the upgrades won’t stop with our office makeover. Our creative team is working feverishly to launch Sterling’s new website and logo later this month, so stay tuned for more on the exciting changes at Sterling.