The Power of a Common Goal

Around this time each year, Sterling carves out some time for our annual Agency Summit — an all-hands gathering running anywhere from one to three days for intensive organizational review, technology and process presentations, and skills workshops. This year, the summit was devoted to recognizing and expanding how our core values inform our work.

After brainstorming about ways to inject more teamwork, helpfulness, curiosity, accountability, flexibility, passion, and fun in our daily efforts, we all sat down for a reflective writing exercise in expressing how some of those qualities are seen in an old news photograph of rescue workers preparing to free the men trapped in a Chilean mine for two months back in 2010.

The picture embodies teamwork. The rescuers are working in an obviously inhospitable environment, but they are intent. They look tired, stressed, maybe even frustrated, but their actions are calculated and coordinated. They are making sure that they put everything they have into this mission. By working together, these men know they are able to accomplish much more than they could individually. Each one of them is accountable for a particular task in the effort, and everyone has a role to play that will impact the outcome. Real people are depending on them. The work is important. But they know that their team will have their back no matter the circumstance and they will collectively achieve their goal.

Though we aren’t engaged in efforts so noble as liberating people in physical peril, the picture ties into who we are as Sterling Communications. No one person can handle an account. Team input is everything, as is making sure we are all on the same page and working towards a common goal. Having everyone is on board with same vision for the client is how we succeed. There are going to be circumstances where you need to rely on someone else on your account for whatever reason, but that is exactly why we work as a team. There are going to be tricky obstacles that must be overcome, but you figure it out together and keep at it. Real people are depending on us. Understanding the task at hand, doing your part, helping each other, and working through the mission as one cohesive unit.

That’s a powerful combination built on strong core values. That’s Sterling.