Canine culture coup

At Sterling, where we revel in an uncommon devotion to tackling tough challenges and breaking down barriers, a flourishing company culture is vital to our work. In the search for a Chief People Officer, we needed a leader who not only understood our purpose, but could elevate our true passion for communication, storytelling, and translating ideas into world-changing brands.

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our incredible team to include not one, not two, but THREE new Chief People Officers. Buster, Kaya, and Pachi bring a combined 18 years of experience in nurturing, enabling, and empowering individuals to achieve their highest potential. Most importantly, each new hire aligns closely with the core values that are the heartbeat of our company’s identity: teamwork, helpfulness, curiosity, accountability, flexibility, passion, and fun.

With these exciting additions, our executive team is nearly 50% canine! The results have been unfathomable — our company culture is thriving and our team is more engaged than ever before. Without ever uttering a word, Buster, Kaya, and Pachi consistently deliver three simple, yet indispensable lessons:

1. Your energy is contagious

Buster at Sterling Communications

You may understand we are all social creatures, but are you putting it into action? As Buster, half Chihuahua, half Pekingese, sprints from desk to desk, our stern, focused faces melt away. He translates his positive energy into festive fun. Ask yourself: What influence are you having on those around you? Whether you work at a boutique PR agency or a huge corporation, every single team member makes an impact on the collective workplace culture.

Simply put — your presence influences the people around you, of that you have no choice. But each day we decide how we are showing up. And how you contribute to your community is just as important as what you contribute. What Buster does effortlessly, we humans must do intentionally.

Own your presence and shape your impact.

2. Remember to paws pause

Kaya at Sterling

How can you fuel creative energy in others if your own well is running dry? It’s easy to recognize the value of taking a break, but it only becomes a precious life skill when you put it into practice regularly. German Shepard Kaya practices the art of rejuvenation with expertise. She leads by example — her leisurely socializing, afternoon naps, and delight in frolicking among the wildflowers remind the rest of us to revitalize ourselves with strolls outside, mid-day stretches, and lunchtime potlucks.

Much of your intellectual capacity remains untapped if you are always working on auto-pilot. A five-minute break in your routine can refocus a chaotic day, enhance an idea, and improve your state of mind. Make time to rejuvenate and the work will get done with less resistance.

Replenish yourself and thrive.

3: Communicate with radical transparency

Pachi at Sterling Communications

Pachi, like most pugs, excels at making himself heard. He sets an unparalleled standard for honest communication in the office, revealing his mood and feelings openly and clearly.

It’s a bit more difficult for humans to practice the art of communication with such purity.

Pachi reminds us that verbal clarity, skilled listening, and acute awareness of nonverbal messages are essential in connecting with others.

As demonstrated in the nuances of his canine vocabulary — whines, growls, barks, and yips — we can improve our communication with others by listening to their tone of voice, tuning into their body language, and offering our undivided attention to their transmission of words and emotions.

Communication is an art worthy of mastery.

Three superlative lessons for humans imparted by three canine authorities, who could ask for better work advice! If you know of any canines interested in board positions, please send them our way. Oh, and Happy April Fools’ Day from all of us at Sterling Communications!