Sakuú, sustainable manufacturing for solid-state batteries

San Jose Water, the source for Silicon Valley hydrotech

Halodi Robotics, service robots for security, logistics, and healthcare

Health2047, the innovation arm of the American Medical Association

Voicemod, sonic identities for a more accessible metaverse

Let’s Green CA, climate justice for a carbon-neutral California

Labster, virtual lab simulations for the next generation of scientists

Tech PR for a better world

We’re Sterling Communications, Silicon Valley’s PR agency. We help tell good stories about great clients for a better world. How may we help you improve the planet today?

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Sterling Communications provides media relations and content marketing in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond that is: 

PR Services

More than a vendor, Sterling is the PR partner that elevates your growing tech company to the next level.

  • Message development
  • Executive platforms
  • Media relations
  • Contributed articles
  • Crisis communications

Creative Services

More than online add-ons, Sterling’s creative projects illuminate new technology to motivate audiences.

  • Branding systems
  • Web development
  • VC presentations
  • Webinar design
  • Podcast production

Marketing Services

More than mere SEO, Sterling content development establishes true thought leaders who move markets.

  • Website content
  • Blog authorship
  • SEO/SEM marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Reputation management

Plug in and power up

The systemic challenges our society faces need disruptive technology.

We need better cleantech to fight climate change. We need smarter healthtech to combat chronic disease. We need disruptive B2B tech and edtech and all the other techs to increase accessibility and improve opportunities for people and the planet.

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