A Sterling Transformation: Upgrading a Work Environment for Creativity and Collaboration

What does it take to transform a traditional workspace into something that feels totally current? In Sterling’s case, two months of careful planning, 15 gallons of paint, three furniture deliveries, and two days of group assembly.

We did away with our old-school cube farm and executive offices in favor of streamlined sit/stand workspaces that encourage interaction over separation. As for those private offices, they’re now group meeting spaces with floor-to-ceiling magnetic and dry-erase walls for team collaboration. And our new Apple-powered media centers (yes, we have two) connect all our devices from anywhere in the office, as well as our Silicon Valley-based Sterlingers with their Seattle-based colleagues.

This space was specifically designed to inspire creativity and enhance collaboration; while it’s early days yet, we think we’ve hit the mark in that regard. Like it? We do!