Building a Website to Build a Sustainable Business Before Grand Opening

About 1440 Multiversity

1440 Multiversity, a branch of 1440 Foundation, is a learning community that serves as a catalyst to connect to your best self. The organization’s purpose is to create a space that brings together learners, world-renowned faculty, and leading minds in whole-person education — from yoga and wellness to leadership, professional development, and more.

The Challenge

Finding faculty members interested in committing to host their workshops at an as-yet-to-be-built center slated to open in April 2016 proved to be a significant challenge. There was some early interest, but very little firm commitment because 1440 Multiversity seemed to be more of an idea than a concrete place. To increase awareness of 1440 Multiversity and showcase what it would be like upon completion, 1440 Foundation asked Sterling Communications to build a website that would attract faculty to this new kind of learning community.

The Strategy

To attract a high-quality faculty roster to 1440 Multiversity, Sterling felt was vital to quickly build a site would appeal to potential faculty members. The idea was to share great detailed information about the project, create a clear call to action, and ensure congruence with the 1440 Foundation brand.

Sterling’s website design centered on breathtaking visuals, filled with Santa Cruz mountain redwoods, to quickly convey 1440 Multiversity’s inspiring setting for retreats and workshops. Sterling also created informative interior pages that described detailed campus plans and explained how the center will operate. Sterling also strategically placed contact buttons and forms throughout the site to encourage visitors to connect with 1440 Multiversity about teaching or taking workshops.

The Results

Sterling completed the website in six short weeks so that 1440 Foundation could announce the new site in its newsletter and on its social media channels. Since site launch, faculty member applications have literally poured in; the foundation’s vision and plans are attracting renowned faculty from around the world. What was 1440 Multiversity’s greatest concern a scant two months ago is now a thing of the past. In a real-world manifestation of: “If we build it, they will come,” 1440 Multiversity’s newly constructed website continues to drive the under-construction campus toward a sustainable opening year.