Communicating the Benefits of Power Management Through an Animated Website

About R2 SemiconductorR2 Semiconductor

R2 Semiconductor is a power management company whose industry-changing IP serves market needs ranging from low-power wearables to high-performance network processors, and offers efficient, high-voltage power via low-voltage transistors.

The Challenge

R2 Semiconductor sought Sterling’s assistance in preparation for exhibiting at Mobile World Congress. R2 wanted a refreshed website to debut with its improved messaging for the expo, and asked Sterling to design and develop a site to effectively communicate the benefits of R2’s technology — from cooler temperatures and extended battery life to its ability to fit into smaller form factors.

The Strategy

We wanted to build a website that shouted “innovation” in a sophisticated way. Sterling elected to keep the dark background prevalent in R2’s old website to provide a contrast to the vivid gradients that would boldly color the text and images throughout the new site. We used the same bold color palette of reds, yellows, and blues in the animated GIFs, which we designed in CAD-style sketching to rotate and come alive, that live on the home page and the product pages.

Additional scrolling animations add more life to the home page, visualizing the advantages of using R2 Semiconductor’s power management technology for the site’s visitors as they scroll down the page.

r2-scrolling animation example

We paired the website redesign with an update of the team’s professional headshots, which we photographed and edited in a gritty, editorial style that portray R2’s leadership team as tough, hard-working, and knowledgeable professionals. While the website’s design centered on vivid animations, we built a clear call to action on every page using contact forms and brightly colored buttons, so visitors can easily get in touch with a representative at R2 Semiconductor.

r2-team photo example

The Results

Sterling completed the website in time for Mobile World Congress — with a few days to spare in the project schedule, actually! The animated GIFs of R2’s complex technology were a hit, and the vivid color palette and team photos effectively colored (no pun intended) this B2B company as approachable industry experts that manufacturers want to work with.