Leveraging Video to Highlight Cleantech Savings

The Challenge

The County of Sonoma became one of the first municipal zero-net electricity campuses in California. SPG Solar designed, financed through a solar power purchase agreement (PPA), installed and will maintain the solar power system. SPG Solar needed a way to spread the word on the launch of their new tracking system as well as get companies excited about going solar with the use of a power purchase agreement.

The Strategy

Sterling’s media production team set out on an ambitious 12-hour shoot day to capture every aspect of what makes SPG Solar’s launch a success, including timelapse photography that captured the solar panel’s tracking system and an interview with Sonoma County’s Energy and Sustainability Coordinator. From sunrise to sunset, Sterling ran timelapses of the tracking system while simultaneously capturing video of the intricacies of the system. Selecting the right spokesman for the video was crucial to the success of the video, which made Sam Ruark the perfect fit.

The Results

SPG Solar’s director of marketing was impressed with the stunning, informative piece. “The video is perfect!” Marissa Muller said.”You’ve done great work for us” providing information about SPG Solar, the use of a power purchase agreement, and the benefits of using solar energy.