Creating the Right Kickstarter Video to Fund a Campaign Successfully

The Challenge

PowerCloud Systems approached Sterling Communications for help developing a video for their new product, Skydog. Skydog is an easy-to-use mobile app and Wi-Fi router that provides unprecedented visibility and control of your home network, giving you the power to see and improve your family’s connected lifestyle. In creating a video for their Kickstarter campaign, PowerCloud Systems hoped to not only to reach their funding goal, but also gain attention from tech media and set the bar high with their new product.

The Strategy

With an outline developed, the team at Sterling sat down to flesh out a full script. The script was developed to match the goal of the video: to brand the company, to tell a compelling story, to set the tone for the new product, to develop an overarching sales and marketing theme and to get the Kickstarter project funded.

Sterling set forth in creating a production plan that included:

  • Writing a complete and comprehensive script that delivered the proper messaging.
  • Head pre-production of the video shoot – including location-scouting, storyboards, and scheduling.
  • Organize production crew – camera, light, and sound teams.
  • Shoot the video content.
  • Manage the post-production and editing process, including minor effects work as well as sound design.

The Resultsyahoo-tech-logo.png?w=584 usa_today_01_logo_detail

On the eighteenth day of the campaign, Skydog had reached its funding goal and continued to gain supporters through the final days. With more than 1,000 backers as well as ‘Likes’ on Facebook, Skydog was able to raise $121,812 of their $75,000 goal and is ranked in the top 1% of successfully funded Kickstarter projects.

The campaign was recognized by tech companies such as PCWorld, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Engadget, and more, as well as mentions in news sources from Mashable, Electronic House, BGG, Geek, PCMag, RTT, ReadWrite, Windows8Central, and more. More recently, Yahoo! Tech’s Dan Tynan describes his experience using Skydog in his own home, and USA Today’s Jennifer Jolly wrote a glowing piece about Skydog’s router with a featured video.

“Professional. Exacting. Dependable. Great to work with. I’d use Sterling again in a heartbeat,” Peter Mullen, PowerCloud’s CEO, said. Added Vivek Pathela, PowerCloud’s VP of product marketing, “Our Skydog video reached over 16,000 viewers and was instrumental in driving up pledges to make our project among the top 1% of successfully funded Kickstarter projects.”