Creating Video Content to Build Brand Awareness and Become an Industry Leader

SPG Solar For more than a decade, SPG Solar has been simplifying the solar process to make it faster for commercial businesses to turn to solar power for their energy needs. With 100+ megawatts installed and over 1,500 solar power systems across the country, SPG Solar continues to develop technologies that improve solar production and systems that deliver stable, long-term financial benefits.

The Challenge

SPG Solar is a solar industry pioneer for many groundbreaking achievements, including the first 100%-solar school district and the first solar wastewater treatment plant in the U.S. SPG turned to Sterling to promote the launch of its SPG Technology and Training Center in Sacramento, California, further developing SPG’s reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader.

The Strategy

The objective of this launch campaign was to build brand awareness for SPG Solar and its advanced Technology and Training Center. Sterling developed a proactive outreach plan that targeted key influencers at top-tier trade publications along with tailored outlets that covered sustainability and agribusiness, a key market for SPG. In an effort to create rich-media assets that could be used in proactive media relations’ efforts, Sterling’s production team created a video series that demonstrated the user-friendly “seven step” installation process of SPG’s SunSeeker tracker. During the filming process, Sterling showcased the new facility with real-time images and alerts distributed across social media channels. Sterling also produced a “teaser trailer” as a promotional tool to help get potential SPG customers excited about learning how to assemble and install this single-axis tracker. Sterling made it a priority to integrate SEO best practices into the ongoing PR campaign to increase new traffic to SPG’s website, which encompassed a campaign landing page designed specifically for the site. Sterling highlighted specific keywords to help improve SPG’s Google ranking. To further raise SPG Solar’s profile, Sterling drafted an original blog post highlighting the Technology and Training Center as the next step in the company’s mission to have the lowest install costs and highest quality single-axis tracker on the market.

The Results

Sterling’s collaborative team effort helped shine the spotlight on the opening of the Technology and Training Center. In addition to successfully creating a complete series of installation videos as well as a teaser trailer, Sterling garnered positive media coverage for SPG Solar’s new training center in a number of target publications, including Solar Power World, Sacramento Bee, The Packer, and Horti Daily.

 View one of the several videos Sterling made for SPG Solar below:

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