Genesys: Increasing Share of Voice by Sharing a New Voice

Sterling helped Genesys overhaul its positioning from legacy contact center software provider to innovative global customer experience (CX) leader. We revamped messaging, trained key spokespeople for media interviews, and leveraged investment and acquisition news to showcase the transformation.

Our work over the past year has resulted in Genesys coverage in major outlets including Fortune, Reuters, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and NPR as well as trade press coverage.

Setting the Right Communications Strategy

For months, Genesys labored to define a messaging framework that would help the company be known for more than just “call center software.” With an impending acquisition, it was critical for the company to clarify its vision, mission, and value to reporters, investors, employees — anyone with a stake in success.

Genesys asked Sterling to lead a workshop that would help their team break through these communication barriers. We did. The result was a comprehensive framework that included a mission everyone both understood and eagerly adopted:

“To power the world’s best customer experiences, across every channel, on site and in the cloud.”

It may seem simple, but “powering the world’s best customer experiences” focused everyone — no matter their role — on a clear, concise, and compelling goal. Today, you can see it expressed everything from the company’s new brand identity system to its signature customer event, CX17.

An example of Genesys’ new brand identity system, courtesy of Landor.

Creating a New Center of Gravity

CX17, the Genesys’ annual customer event that Sterling helped name and promote, helped create a new center of gravity in the industry that attracted more attention, discussion, and new business. Sterling garnered more than 630 news mentions and 9,600 mentions combined across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.


Genesys’ share of voice reached one-third of all mentions in the CX market, higher than any other competitor. Our contributed pieces, some of which had been bottled up for months, were published, including:


Meanwhile, 95% of reporting was positive:

  • Richard Adhikari posted an article highlighting G-NINE’s framework and product offerings for CRM Buyer.
  • Oren Smilansky covered CX17 in two articles for DestinationCRM, which extensively quoted Paul Segre’s keynote address and other Genesys presentations.
  • The Indianapolis Business Journal published its interview with Tom Eggemeier at CX17 on the Genesys commitment to Indiana.
  • Michelle Burbick wrote a feature article on the unveiling of G-NINE for No Jitter; the article outlined aspects of the G-NINE model.
  • Shelia McGee-Smith also wrote a feature article for No Jitter on G-NINE and Kate the customer service-specific AI.
  • Dave Pelland was quoted in a Speech Technology Magazine cover story on IVR tools, based on a March phone interview.
  • Janelle Matthews was quoted in Software Magazine on CCaaS software, based on a written interview in February.