Highlighting an Energetic Company Through a Parallax Website

Sterling Web Design Projects- Hoopla

The Challenge

Hoopla’s Sales Motivation Platform has won plaudits from its customers for years, but the San Jose-based company lacked a website that enabled it to effectively showcase its product customer stories. To bring Hoopla’s vibrant, energetic displays to life, Sterling was brought in to build out a new website that expressed the same colorful energy.

The Strategy 

Sterling worked alongside Hoopla’s chosen design firm Green Tea Creative to conceptualize and build the site. Sterling turned the final design files into a clean, responsive site. Parallax views for computers and standard scrolling for touch-screen devices ensured visitors could immerse themselves in Hoopla wares and sense the value highlighted in a series of customer videos, also produced by Sterling.

The Results

Behind the scenes, the site’s content management system (CMS) helps the Hoopla marketing team add new content quickly without needing to know how to code. Visitors are finding it easier to locate the information they need to make decisions. Moreover, the entire site supports a marketing funnel and additional business objectives that were lacking in the previous version.

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