Responsive Website Design for a Responsive IT Contractor

Sterling's New Website for CH ReynoldsWhen you spend your days (and more than a few nights) running a client-focused firm like CH Reynolds, you don’t often have the time to stop and think about your own buildings, data centers, or IT needs until they become a challenge. And, your own website? Well, let’s just say that it hadn’t received our full attention in a long time.

But, their business was changing. Growing. And new employees, clients, and partners weren’t seeing the company they had become in the site they had. They knew it was time for a change.

So, they contacted Sterling Communications, and we started with a clean slate. What, exactly, did the CH Reynolds brand stand for in the market? How were people accessing our site? What did people want when they came? And so on. The questions weren’t easy, but they were important. We wanted the CH Reynolds site to provide the same type of experience our client received when they walked in the door or toured one of their data center construction sites.

We sketched some ideas, we plotted some paths, and over the course of a couple of months we found a way to showcase the best of what CH Reynolds had to offer not just clients, but partners, employees and others interested in what they did and how they did it. We refined the layout. Polished the edges. And even connected them to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share what was happening, what was working, and what was coming next.

Well, the site was a resounding success. Traffic has improved, clients report a newfound respect for the company, and the services — electrical contracting services, managed IT services, data services, and even energy management offerings — are front and center. Along the way, visitors are even discovering some fun little touches. (Check out the tilting thumbnail images). And, perhaps most importantly, we created a space that will continue to grow with CH Reynolds. More projects, more services, more ways to show their current and future clients that, in the tagline we developed for CH Reynolds, “We got this.”