Sterling Sets the Stage for Solar Training Center

The Challenge

In an effort to promote SPG Solar’s Tracker Training Center in Depot Park, Sacramento, Sterling Communications was asked to produce a video series that highlighted key features as well as instructions on the assembly of their Sunseeker Tracker. The seven-step video series is as much of a promotional tool as it is a sales tool, and in order to promote this training center, SPG Solar needed a “teaser trailer” that would get clients excited about learning how to build this solar tracker.

The Strategy

Upon receiving an outline of the seven steps, Sterling created a production plan to execute the filming of this series. After scouting the location and coordinating with the skilled construction team, Sterling’s media production team spent a full day filming every step of the process, all the while promoting candid images on SPG’s social media profiles. Each of the seven parts were edited, and a voiceover track was recorded. Once all the pieces of the “Tracker Training” series were complete, SPG Solar’s director of marketing gave Sterling free reign to create a video to excite potential clients about the opportunity to build a solar tracker from start to finish. Sterling’s media production team put on their creative hats, and went to work.

The Results

In addition to successfully creating a complete series of installation videos, Sterling created a teaser trailer that has been used to drive traffic and generate leads for SPG Solar.