Sterling Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is simply a process for getting your story told to the the right people. We design our content marketing programs to build awareness, increase brand prestige, and drive quality traffic that generates new business opportunities for our tech PR clients. Our method revolves around placing high-quality content with targeted major media outlets and authoritative web properties to develop an engaged community around your brand.

Our Approach

We begin each program by learning about your objectives to identify your target audiences, SEO strategy, and brand voice. A typical content marketing strategy includes an editorial calendar, story matrix, content map, and style guide. With the plan in place, we then begin the ongoing process of building the content assets, all of which are meticulously edited and reviewed for SEO optimization. While much of the content created trends toward marketing articles, programs can also include multimedia content such as videos, photos, infographics, podcasts, etc. Our content placement team then proactively engages with media outlets and high-ranking websites for placement. Finally, we track our placements and measure contribution to awareness, quality engagement, and top-of-funnel activities. Here are a few SEO tips for tech companies to get you started.

Types of Content

When it comes to content marketing, there are three types of content you should keep in mind for your campaign:

Editorial Content

This usually refers to written content that contains information or ideas. Content like blog posts, contributed articles, and case studies establish thought leadership and can be strategically pitched on various outlets beyond your own website. Solution papers and white papers are often shared from the company website as a resource to potential customers who’d like to learn more about your service.

Demand Generation Content

This content focuses on putting your company’s name out there in a way that brings leads to your doorstep with minimal direct contact. From direct marketing campaigns to landing pages and social media management, establishing a strategic digital presence helps you to help your customers.

Creative Content

Of course, content marketing campaigns would be bland and highly ineffective without the integration of creative content. Whether you need videos on your social media accounts, animated GIFs accompanying bylines and blog posts, infographics to visually represent a concept you’re explaining, or slideshow presentations to share with your audiences after a webinar or conference, studies find that the use of visual media makes any other type of content much more effective.

Get Started

Email us at or call us at (408) 395-5500. We’re ready to hear about your amazing technology or service, and to offer you ideas on the right content marketing strategy for you. For a better understanding of the standard tactics deployed in a content marketing program, read on.