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National Geographic Highlights the Energy Efficiency of Arx Pax’s Hoverboards

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In her article on “Four 2015 Energy Ideas ‘Back to the Future’ Got (Almost) Right,” Levelle showcases the energy efficiency of Arx Pax’s patented Magnetic Field Architecture, which can lift an object using 1/4 the energy that some helicopters burn getting off the ground. Levelle also cites the practical use of the hover technology using conductive road material, like the widely used conductive concrete, to plant thoroughfares with carbon dioxide-storing vegetation.


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Still Don’t Believe Hoverboards are Real? Just Hit ‘Play’

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Coverage has been rolling in for Arx Pax’s Kickstarter campaign, from The New York Times, Yahoo, Engadget, Gigaom, Forbes, The Verge, The Guardian, Re/code, PC Magazine, Nerdist, Slate and many more! Meanwhile, our Kickstarter video for the world’s first hoverboard showcases the product’s unique, gravity-defying features with a heartwarming storyline.


Visualizing a New World of Education Through Video Production

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Due to the highly visual nature of the Magic Planet and the excitement it generates in children of all ages, Sterling decided that video would be the best vehicle to bring the message to life. "There were literally tears in the eyes of most [viewers]," said Global Imagination's CEO Mike Foody. "This companion video is very moving, which is exactly what we wanted."