Visualizing a New World of Education Through Video Production


The Challenge

Global Imagination is the maker of the digital video globe known as the Magic Planet, an educational tool that demonstrably improves student engagement and learning. While Global had amassed a long list of name-brand customers around the world — including the Smithsonian Museum, NASA Ames Exploration Center, the European Space Agency, and the Chinese Ministry of Education — the company’s marketing collateral did little to convey the Magic Planet’s effectiveness in classroom settings or the breadth of educational content available on the digital video globe.

The Strategy

Due to the highly visual nature of the Magic Planet and the excitement it generates in children of all ages, Sterling decided that video would be the best vehicle to bring the message to life. Showcasing the world of opportunities the Magic Planet presents, the Sterling team secured the venues, scripted, shot, and edited a video centered on live classroom settings with real students (not actors).

The Results

Not only did the video convey the high resolution, fantastic image quality and breadth of content available on the Magic Planet, it also captured teacher enthusiasm for having a new classroom technology tool that commands the complete student attention. As the Sterling video production team witnessed first-hand the efficacy of the Magic Planet, they knew the live classroom setting was ideal for the job at hand.

When the Magic Planet was unveiled during the shoot, middle school, and high school students alike were absolutely riveted, hands shooting up around the room to ask the teacher more frequent and complex questions and to be picked to show the answer by touching the Magic Planet. And it wasn’t just the students that were excited by this new learning tool; one of the teachers Sterling interviewed for the initial video was so inspired by classroom reaction that she talked at great length about what a fantastic education tool she thinks the Magic Planet is for visual learners and why kids get excited about learning on the Magic Planet  — all of which Sterling’s production team used to develop a great “teacher video” as an adjunct to the corporate video.

When Global showed the second video to a focus group of teachers, it elicited very positive emotional reactions during the screening. “When they heard another teacher share how the Magic Planet was able to reach previously unreachable students,” said Global Imagination’s CEO Mike Foody, “there were literally tears in the eyes of most participants. This companion video is very moving, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Most importantly, the videos are moving the needle with investors. From Global’s CEO:

The videos you made for Global are terrific! You’ve seen some of the incredibly positive feedback, but it’s hard to capture what a big difference they’re making for our business. What was a “you’ve got to see it in person to understand” has changed to our getting feedback that “the value proposition is obvious.” Already, we’re getting a lot of interest from potential investors — investors that wouldn’t have responded before. The investors are showing the videos to teachers for feedback and what they’re hearing back is “I’ve got to get one.”

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