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Sterling Communications’ PR pros are hard-wired for tech and hell-bent on saving the planet. How about you?

A job at Sterling is meaningful. Our clients are working to save lives, make communities better, and save the planet. We’re here to help them stand up and stand out. Tech PR is not always easy — especially when you realize how few people in public relations truly get technology — but it’s always worthwhile.

Our Work Matters

Sterling staff don’t just check boxes to get through the day. We dig to the core of what makes our clients special. Worthy of attention. Transformative.

Our teams are influential with independent reporters, analysts, bloggers, and podcasters because we take the time to understand what they need.

We have the heart to continually refine how we articulate client value to specific audiences. And we have the grit to keep finding new and better approaches.

In other words, we give a damn. If this is how you’re wired, let’s connect. Because you’re too good to waste on anything less than a Sterling PR career.

Sterling Leadership

Sterling Values

Sterling Careers

Sterling Leadership

Sterling has weathered dotcom booms and busts. We have worked through the Great Recession and the mobile renaissance. We’ve laughed at tech fads and marveled at foundational shifts. Through it all, CEO Marianne O’Connor has never lost sight of the people who make it work.

  • Employees starting their careers or at the top of their game.
  • Clients who treat us with respect, and get our best every day.
  • People in the press who know our value and trust our word.

Together, we’re on a mission: Amplify good stories from great clients for a better world.

Sterling Values

We could tell you about teamwork, curiosity, passion, and the rest. But let’s have other people chime in for a change.

Sterling Careers

Sterling is dedicated to growing a team of fun-loving people who play just as hard as they work. Cultivating an upbeat, positive, and hard-working culture is important to us.

Client teams

Every client team has a mix of strategic, creative, and tactical experts who work together to exceed expectations. Sterlingers breakthrough industry silos to be multifaceted marketers, enabling us to offer a truly integrated marketing experience.

Sterling perks

We load up employees with the right stuff — healthy benefits packages, speedy new MacBook Airs, regular social outings (when public health dictates allow), group community service projects, sane work-life balance, plenty of time off to rejuvenate, and collaborative workspaces — to help us work without worry.

Agency culture

This ain’t high school. This ain’t the campaign trail. Cliques and politicking don’t have a place here at Sterling. Instead, every contribution is welcome, no one is out of place, and the best idea always wins. Work is a third of your life, give or take; might as well make it nice.

Open Positions

Join the Sterling team as our next account director, where your passion for strategic storytelling meets impactful change. Dive into a role that blends creativity with purpose, shaping the narratives of tomorrow’s tech leaders. If you’re ready to lead, inspire, and make a tangible difference, click to discover how you can become a crucial player on our mission-driven journey.


Uncertain if the account director position is your perfect fit but eager to be part of our team? We’d love to hear from you! Submit your resume and a cover letter detailing how you envision contributing to our mission. If there’s a spot where your talents can shine, we’ll definitely reach out.

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