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Sterling Communications works with cleantech clients to plan and manage sustainable PR programs that raise brand awareness.

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Sterling understands cleantech

Our cleantech clients offer everything from concrete that captures carbon to solid-state batteries manufactured from powder. When we begin a PR or content marketing engagement, we interview the subject matter experts to understand the nuances of the technology. To capture the value of the solutions. To position the business up and to the right of competitors. All while tracking industry trends in sustainability.


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Sterling understands reporters

Cleantech reporters, business editors, industry analysts, and venture capitalists — like the rest of us — need more than sales pitches to pique their curiosity and hold their interest. To make the news, you need stories. Heroes and villains. Battles with stakes. Plots and twists. Stories stir our emotions. They literally activate the parts of the brain that make decisions. And that’s our job.

A megaphone isn't always the right metaphor for public relations, but we do work to make sure your brand's message is heard loud and clear.

Sterling understands PR

We pitch story ideas, coordinate media briefings, and secure coverage. We identify critical industry conversations and get you in the mix. We amplify your sustainability messages throughout tech-focused blogs, vertical industry news outlets, national publications, podcasts, and TV programs. It’s all coordinated to showcase your technology, encourage adoption, and grow your customer base.

“I’ve worked with Sterling on environmental technology accounts and couldn’t be happier. Their deep passion and understanding of cleantech public relations is unmistakable, and the results they deliver are superb. I’d recommend Sterling to any mission-driven company intent on enhancing their industry reputation and role as a thought leader.”

Anne Banta

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Contributed cleantech content

Press releases are critical to building business momentum with the steady push of trustworthy company news. More is required, however, to highlight the expertise and ingenuity that cleantech companies and their leaders bring to the marketplace. Bylines, blog posts, and even podcasts are examples of contributed content that help burnish credentials and elevate awareness of everything an organization does to improve its industry. To build brand recognition and expand executive visibility, Sterling interviews your company’s subject matter experts to develop, write, and place contributed articles for you. We’ve written messaging, commentary, and op-eds that have run in local, business, and national news outlets from Business Insider to The Wall Street Journal.

Presentation and media training

Sterling’s seasoned media training pros — former print and broadcast reporters — have worked with both startup and Fortune 500 executives to prepare for the most important press interviews and event presentations of their careers. From CNBC to the United Nations, Ted Talks to keynotes, we ensure our clients are prepared for the spotlight. Our team works individually or in small groups with all skill levels. We role play to ensure company messages are delivered with precision and personality. We record our sessions to work through rough spots in realtime. And we provide customized tip sheets to ensure each executive can keep the lessons learned close at hand for the next big event.

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Podcast production and promotion

Podcasting is poised to exceed two billion listeners by 2025. Tapping into a fraction of a fraction of that audience can help companies share compelling stories about their work, their industry, and the people affected by it all. In addition to booking appearances on influential third-party podcasts, Sterling helps cleantech clients produce their own powerful podcasts. We provide branding, training, booking, recording, editing, publishing, and publicity services — everything to sustain a sustainability-focused experience.

Customer evangelist cultivation

Customer evangelists (a.k.a. “raving fans”) are gold in any PR program. And, like gold, they must be carefully mined and cared for. To that end, Sterling reviews and ranks your list of potential customer evangelists. The best are often looking to help you because of their gratitude for your commitment to engineering a sustainable future; others share an interest in building or expanding their personal brands. Regardless, we ensure that their desire and capabilities align with your communications objectives. We work to maximize the effectiveness of their involvement in visibility-building activities. We coach them along the way to ensure long-term program success that reflects well on your brand.

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