Content marketing that just clicks

Sterling Communications partners with ambitious tech companies, mostly in enterprise software, digital health, wireless technologies, and sustainable innovation. To broadcast their news and engage prospects, Sterling clients require quality content that simply can’t be written by budget freelancers or offshored agencies.

Instead, tech companies ready to make their mark on Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond trust Sterling to channel their target markets. We educate, illuminate, and motivate the press and the public with content marketing that clicks.

Website content and blog authorship

How do you ensure your AI messages are intelligent without sounding artificial? Or that your new website for a B2B SaaS platform resonates with actual humans as well as search engines? How do you create a digital experience that clarifies your brand’s strengths and motivates your target audiences? Sterling copywriters understand what clicks in blogs and around the web.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The goal is to increase the quantity and quality of website visitors and drive new business opportunities. Sterling begins by researching how your target audiences search on Google and what content they read online. We then create quality content, optimized for your target audience (and for Google) and publish the content on your site. Using SEO techniques, we promote this content on Google to make it very visible to your target audiences. To maximize your ROI, this Sterling program requires a minimum commitment of six months.

Demand generation

Internet advertising both builds awareness and feeds the sales machine. It can be used as a short-term marketing strategy, (such as for a specific event or promotion, until an SEO program gains traction, etc.) or as ongoing traffic and lead-gen marketing tool. Sterling recommends that clients begin Internet advertising through Google AdWords. This system provides high internet audience reach, access to both paid search and third-party site advertising, and campaigns that can be quickly scaled up or down, based on shifting marketing budgets or needs. Campaign elements include a search network campaign, a display network campaign, and ongoing campaign reporting.

Reputation management

While negative online content is never welcome, it is the recurrent visibility given to the negative content over time via search engines (in particular Google) and social networks that creates most of the reputation damage. Sterling’s reputation management program starts by clearly documenting the nature of the issue. We find the specific authors of the content whenever possible. We then inventory all the damaging content and craft specific keywords used where the negative content is returned in search engines. We then put into action the steps to address existing negative content, as well as an agreed-upon strategy to respond to any additional negative content as it emerges.

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