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How, exactly, does tech PR in Silicon Valley work? How do tech startups and standouts make their mark? Let’s investigate the main tech industries we serve.


Cleantech PR for a brighter future.

For cleantech companies, it’s not enough to have a better idea. Offering the world concrete that captures carbon or solid-state batteries manufactured from powder doesn’t mean much if the powers that be aren’t even aware of their existence. At Sterling Communications, we strive to make sustainability technology, well, sustainable. We understand the nuances required to communicate the value of cleantech to tech reporters, business editors, industry analysts, and venture capitalists. Nothing is more important to our PR agency’s success than cleantech’s success.

“I’ve worked with Sterling on environmental technology accounts and couldn’t be happier. Their deep passion and understanding of the sustainability space is unmistakable, and the results they deliver are superb. I’d recommend Sterling to any mission-driven company intent on enhancing their industry reputation and role as a thought leader.” — Anne Banta

Healthtech PR that delivers better outcomes.

Healthcare is broken in America. Life expectancy at birth in the US declined by 1.5 years from 2019 to 2020 to the lowest level since 2003, yet our health care spending grew 9.7% in 2020. We now spend $4.1 trillion annually on healthcare — twice as much as any other industrialized country — for worse outcomes. And this was before the pandemic. So, now what? Sterling Communications works with healthcare technology clients changing this dynamic at the system level. Our healthtech PR programs are designed to explain the problems, illuminate the solutions, and shift the conversations toward fixing the hardest problems.

“The Sterling team is a true pleasure to work with on thought leadership content. You helped me hone my thoughts and ideas into materials that truly resonate with the intended audiences.”  — Charles Aunger, managing director, Health2047



Edtech PR lessons for a new generation.

If technology hadn’t been critical to improving education and opportunities for marginalized and underrepresented communities before the pandemic, it absolutely is now. Edtech, however, is more than Chromebooks for classes and portals for parents. Educational technology is delivering real lessons in virtual reality. It’s leveraging the metaverse for more than fun and games. Edtech, built better and promoted properly, has the potential to deliver on decades of unfulfilled promises. That, however, requires the right communications strategy, PR programs, creative campaigns, and content marketing to bring the stories that matter to life.

“It is amazing to find that we are beginning to impact the national diversity narrative. And I recognize that the impact of our research is only as successful as the press outreach that Sterling managed.” — Buck Gee, executive advisor, Ascend Foundation

Fintech PR you (and the SEC) can bank on.

In a world where the haves and have nots have never been more separated, how can financial technology bridge the gap? Blockchain is chock full of promises to democratize banking for underserved communities. New identity solutions pledge to improve security for everyone — while increasing opportunities for people outside the system. But fintech PR demands specific communication expertise to navigate muddy compliance waters and avoid dangerous political currents. Otherwise, even a simple press release or customer service reply can wreck the best of tech companies.

“Sterling has been an invaluable asset in the evolution of Airfox. Acting as a true extension of our team, your media savvy and tech experience enhanced all our communication efforts and unfailingly supported our business goals.” — Katie Sedat, VP, Airfox



B2B tech PR that powers better business.

We work with enterprise technology clients looking to do more than bulk up or cash out. Our clients in AI, SaaS, networking, and other B2B tech markets want to change their industries at the core. To disrupt the go-along to get-along status quo. To provide new opportunities for more diverse outcomes.

“Sterling Communications converted our vision into elegant positioning, branding, and highly consumable content that allowed us to better share our vision.” — Quin Eddy, founder & CEO, OneCloud, acquired by Workiva

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