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How PR helps healthcare executives shape industry narratives

In an industry as dynamic and rapidly evolving as healthcare, the emergence of influential voices can mark the beginning of profound changes. This is the story of Tina Burbine, VP of Care Innovation & Enterprise Analytics at Healthlink Advisors, and her journey from an industry executive to a leading influencer.


Bringing a visionary out of the shadows

Tina Burbine’s story begins within the walls of Healthlink Advisors, where her insights and expertise in healthcare innovation were like hidden gems – invaluable yet largely undiscovered outside her immediate professional circle. Sterling Communications recognized the potential impact of Tina’s vision, particularly in the underrepresented sphere of women’s health focusing on menopause — a topic that, until then, had only whispered conversations in the corridors of healthcare.


Setting the Sterling strategy

Understanding the power of narrative and influence, we embarked on a multifaceted campaign. The mission was clear— elevate Tina from a healthcare executive to a leading voice in the industry, turning the spotlight not only on Healthlink Advisors’ Hospital-at-Home initiative but also igniting a broader conversation about menopause in healthcare.


Conducting the media symphony

Our first move was to weave Tina’s insights into the healthcare dialogue through strategic media placements. Collaborating with publications like MedCity News, Sterling crafted a series of thought-provoking articles and opinion pieces. These publications served as the stage where Tina’s expertise in both the Hospital-at-Home model and women’s health issues resonated with a growing audience.


Amplifying a powerful new voice

Parallel to traditional media engagement, Sterling leveraged the power of social media to amplify Tina’s voice. Platforms like LinkedIn became arenas where Tina shared her insights, engaged with industry topics, and built a following. Each post, article, and discussion further solidified her status as a thought leader.


Hitting the speaking circuit

The crescendo of Tina’s journey was her presence at high-profile healthcare conferences including ViVE, HLTH, and HIMSS. Sterling’s strategic planning and networking paved the way for Tina to take the stage at industry-leading events. Her sessions on Hospital-at-Home care and the unaddressed aspects of women’s health, especially menopause, captured the attention of healthcare professionals and policymakers alike.


Influencing the industry’s dialogue

Tina’s rise as an influencer brought a tangible shift in the healthcare narrative. Her articles, talks, and social media engagements started important conversations, pushing menopause from the sidelines to the forefront of women’s health discussions. This shift wasn’t just in dialogue but also in action, as healthcare providers began to reconsider and reshape their approach to women’s health.


Keeping a legacy in motion

Today, Tina Burbine stands as a beacon of change in the healthcare industry, her journey a testament to the transformative power of strategic communication and thought leadership. This collaboration between Healthlink Advisors and Sterling Communications illustrates the impact of effectively harnessing the power of media, narrative, and influence – turning visionaries like Tina into catalysts for change in healthcare.

“The Sterling team makes our lives so much easier. There are at least 15 things that I don’t have to worry about because I know that the things that need to be getting done are getting handled. It relives a lot of the stress day-to-day that I would ordinarily be concerned about.”

— Tina Burbine, VP of Care Innovation and Enterprise Analytics, Healthlink Advisors


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